3 Purchases For My Workouts That Paid Off Largely

Time is not the only investment you can make for your fitness and health

Thomas J. Hahn
4 min readJul 30


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Since I started going to the gym years ago and took things seriously to achieve an exceptional physique, I have learned so much about working out and ensuring my body can perform well.

There are investments, such as gym equipment, that can make your fitness journey a little more comfortable.

Not in terms of working less hard but receiving more output from the same efforts.

I'm giving an overview of the three most significant purchases that changed my gym journey since I implemented them.

A High-End Gym Membership

Nothing against discounter gyms. It's incredible that there are gyms worldwide with memberships so cheap that anyone can afford to work out and do something for their fitness.

That was not the case 20 to 30 years ago. We need to be thankful for this.

Yet there are several advantages that a specific type of gym or premium gym will hold ready for you.

  • You'll be more likely to show up regularly enough to reach your goals and be kept accountable because you pay a lot of money.
    You want to get a good outcome for the money you spend.
  • I'm not saying there aren't quality people in a discounter gym to get to know. Yet, in a relatively expensive sports club, you'll find many high-value people with high incomes.
    So if you're into networking and meeting people that could become new high-paying clients or who become friends and increase the value of your social network, that's a place to find them.
  • You'll get a lot better service and more advantages for your money. Massages, wellness, and sauna are very common in premium gyms. Those allow you to recover even better after your training.

Lifting Straps

Those were an investment that highly paid off and that found use frequently.

At pull exercises, your underarms tend to get sore much faster than the back muscles because the muscles there, but also the bicep partly, are responsible for keeping a solid grip.



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