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When people change their habits and want to lead healthier lives, they initially make mistakes.

They mostly overestimate what they can reach in a few weeks but underestimate what they can achieve in one year.

Understandably, you want to lose fat as quickly as possible and look good if you’re overweight.

Because many people want fat loss to happen quickly, I was curious how many calories a person could burn in one workout or, even shorter, in 10 minutes.

I did this by doing the most challenging crossover of cardio and weightlifting.

For this experiment, I put together a HIIT…

If you aren’t seeing fast results, you’re probably guilty of one or more of these

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55 Kilos. That’s what my friend Marco saw on the scale for years. In the mirror, he would see a human being that looked like Christian Bale in The Machinist.

Sounds better than being 30 Kilo overweight. The problem was that he was 1,88m tall. You can imagine how thin his body must have been and that there was no visible muscle mass.

As a skinny man, you have less testosterone and it can lead to serious problems while the adolescence phase. As a woman, it leads to hormonal dysfunctions when you have too little amount of body fat.


Don’t blindly follow what others tell you

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I don’t know who comes up with these ideas of bad and good food. It’s one of these social constraints, like:

By 30 you should’ve figured it all out.

Money is the root of all evil


By 38 you should have gotten married and have kids.

Although they count as myths or sayings, most people tend to believe them.

Hearing such phrases repeatedly while growing up influences our subconscious minds and, thus, our behavior.

Seeing and hearing all the time what the beauty ideal of a female body is supposed to look like leads many women into anorexia, bulimia…

5 mindset shifts that can help you prioritize better

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Sometimes it can seem a little hard to get everything accomplished that we’re supposed to do.

If we want to get ahead in our career or work on a big project, we need to set priorities and put the focus on them.

Although that seems natural, most people make the mistake to strike sports and fitness from their list first.

That’s a crucial mistake because maintaining your fitness through physical activity is a key element in having long-term success and will even make you perform better.

How can you enjoy the fruits of your labor in an unbalanced body?


Fitness is more than clean eating and working out

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We all have this one friend who exaggerates a healthy lifestyle completely.

They are always weighing their food, taking their lunch boxes to work, working out 6 times a week, avoiding junk food by any means, and eating broccoli with chicken and rice.

At least that’s the picture most of us have in mind.

I was like that at the beginning of my 20’s. Not knowing any better, I thought there was only this one way to eat and live healthily and I judged everybody who didn’t have the same opinion.

I thought the others were wrong, and I was…

The ultimate guide for profiting from Twitch and build a strong audience

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A slow hype about streaming has evolved recently.

You probably heard your colleagues or classmates talk about their favorite streamer a couple of times or that they invest a few hours per week watching live streams.

In the last 12 months many famous influencers, gamers, and content creators like Logan Paul have gained millions of subscribers on platforms like Twitch.

Record after another record was hit with several hundred thousand viewers.

Most people who are not familiar with live streaming yet, think that it’s all about gamers, sharing how they play.

That was true maybe a few years ago. This…

Since applying these, I haven’t been sick for 2 years

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I assume that most of you eat relatively normal and rich in protein and fat. That is fine.

But when asking people how often they ate vegetables, I often hear cynical phrases like:

“Once or twice a week maybe.”

“200 grams per day.”

“I eat fries with ketchup, they’re made of potatoes and tomatoes. According to that, I eat lots of vegetables.”

All jokes aside, my experience has shown me that far too many people consume way fewer vegetables than they should.

When we’re young, most of us don’t care about what’s healthy.

There are so many teenagers and twenty-somethings…

Gaining weight healthily becomes simple with these

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When it comes to bulking up and gaining weight, many underestimate how much they are supposed to eat.

5 intense workouts per week at the gym won’t bring significant results if you cannot give your body what it needs. You need a lot of energy.

This is why everyone who wants to put on muscle mass seriously should have a repertoire of different and easy recipes for themselves.

Those should not only taste good and contain a large number of calories and protein in low volume.

They should be easy and fast in preparation too so you can cook them…

An in-depth look at why the boom has reached its peak weeks ago

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Clubhouse has become the next big thing that everybody’s talking about.

Or has been talking about.

Having established an invite-only policy is only one of the secrets of its boom.

The app is easy to handle, delivers a good user experience and its whole setup is very simple.

Everyone has the ability to stream.

Unlike most Podcast platforms, Twitch, and Youtube where you need certain equipment, everybody has the possibility now to stream in their club from any location with their smartphone.

But why is it that the podcast-like Social Media platform has received a huge hype within its first…

Get rid of the illusion of passion if you want to make a career from your writing

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As I am continuing my Medium journey now after a short break I realize again how many writers there are who want to make money but don’t make it a priority to write and publish as consistently as possible.

There are endless distractions in today’s world. Social Media, Netflix, Dating are only a few to be mentioned. But on the other hand, most of us have responsibilities, like family, relationship, job or university (in my case).

I am as guilty as anybody.

In January, the exam phase was at its peak and I wanted to pass everything well, so I…

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