If applied, these will help you achieve visible progress soon

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The restrictions of the pandemic have led many people to laziness, and many do not know how they can get back into their old routine.

How can you be mad at them? — All gyms and places where one could basically do sports were closed from one day to another. In some countries, for over a year.

Now that the vaccine makes visible progress and most countries have lowered their restrictions, it’s possible to enter a gym again safely.

It can be challenging for many people to get back into a fitness routine when they have a job, a family…

A short guide to leaving nonsense behind and get results

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The pandemic was the most disruptive incident that could’ve happened to the fitness industry.

Live-workouts were trendy from day one.

Every second fitness center offered them. And it was an excellent thing for them to make alternative offers and continue their cash flow in this dark time.

They motivated people to not fall into helplessness and offered an opportunity for people to at least keep themselves fit at home if nothing else was possible.

Yet, the longer the coronavirus was present, the more quantity came on the market.

While home-workouts and live broadcasting of group training are a very laudable…

If applied, they can change how you live sustainably.

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Napoleon Hill is considered the forefather of the modern personal development movement and wrote several books on motivation and finances.

He’s best known for his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.” He became closely connected to the richest and wealthiest individuals of his time throughout his lifespan and interviewed them on their success.

When you read one of his books, you genuinely feel that Hill’s life mission was to educate people on becoming financially independent. Considering that he lived during the great recession of the 1930s and built a fortune at that time is remarkable.

Below are some of his…

Some bodybuilders happen to be cursed

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Clint looked into the mirror and saw an absolute beast as he was finally in the last two weeks of his prep for his big competition on the stage of Mr. Universe, where famous persons like Arnold Schwarzenegger stood decades before.

He felt so powerful and robust.

Flexing with his arms in the mirror, he realized that it was about time to go to his second living room: The fitness club.

Today will be a good day; he will be the king in the gym. The recent weeks were a little challenging. …

If applied, they can change your mind and life forever.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably one of the most well-known icons and personal brands.

His sensational career is unique, and he counts as a living legend, especially in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Although he’s grown up in the same country as I have, I never really cared about him.

Sometimes I would watch one of his movies, like “Conan, the Barbarian” on TV and think, “This is awesome,” but not pay further attention.

His incredible career motivated me to change my life.

When I was 17 and read his biography “Total Recall,” I realized that he was from Austria and…

It’s the simple things that have the most significant impacts

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Early rising, working your b*tt off to reach huge goals and attending zero parties.

Most young people would get scared when they read those attributes.

They want to experience life and live in the now.

While that’s great, and I have lived like that myself at the beginning of my 20’s, these things have gotten a bit boring for me.

Three years ago, I began longing for something different.

I wanted to leave partying every weekend, spending time with friends who had nothing else in mind, and unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and consuming bad food in the past.


The Ultimate Guide to keep up your consistency

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Never was there a time in history where distractions and responsibilities were as omnipresent as today.

It’s hard to keep up your frequency to go to the gym or yoga class if you’re having kids, a 40 hour work week, a spouse, and 3 other duties.

I understand everyone who says that they need to focus on these and put fitness last on their priority list.

Yet, if you neglect fitness, you neglect a healthy and long life.

Illness doesn’t care if you’re having a busy schedule and no time to care of your immune system. …

How I got from dabbling around to making actual money

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“I don’t believe in luck or hard work without the so called ‘smart work’.

It’s not all about how you work hard but it’s about how you manage your time, resources, and mind to work together for a better output.”

— Jayson Zabate

For most of my adult life, I didn’t know how to make money aside from a corporate workplace.

I had been working in one job, had a few side hustles, and struggling to make a living.

Yet I didn’t know what I was good at, my dream ever since was to make money from doing something I…

The reasons most people don’t see progress and how to change that

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The restrictions worldwide are relaxing again, and many people will want to get back into the gyms and lose their unwanted post-lockdown chubbiness.

The amount of content out there about how to get fit, live long, lose fat, and build defined muscles is endless.

Yet, the majority struggles to do so.

I have been in that same place. Since I was 18, I had been addicted to working out but without getting serious results.

Every once in a while, I’d take a more extended break from exercising because of an injury or a lack of motivation. …

How to avoid the “It doesn’t matter” trap

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Nobody wants to suffer from something like dementia, Alzheimer’s, being overweight, or other serious diseases.

Yet, if I look at most people’s lifestyles, I see a contradictory behavior.

We live in the 21st century. Information on fitness and nutrition is everywhere. Gyms are everywhere. Affordable trainers are everywhere.

There is not a single powerful argument to why staying fit, or at least doing what you can to stay fit, was impossible.

There are so many examples of even handicapped persons with for example only one leg squatting 200 pounds with their prosthesis.

Yet, people still search for those excuses that…

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