Change what you’re doing wrong to change your outcome

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Life sometimes gives us plateaus.

And more often than we’d wish, we have a difficult time getting over them.

When it comes to weight loss and dieting, many people become stuck on their journey.

I’ve been on a few successful diets in my life and have accompanied people along their way of losing body fat.

When a plateau showed up, most of them (including myself) have made at least one of these following mistakes.

Are you underestimating these situations?

Losing weight…

How to lose weight without going to the gym

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For someone like me, being into fitness for years, it seems funny how people sometimes approach the topic of losing weight.

I’m not saying this to sound decadent. I’ve made countless mistakes myself as I’ve been on a few diets and didn’t always have guidance.

It’s ridiculous to see people trying things they believe work when they indeed don’t and ignoring the core principles.

How can you blame anyone? There are 1.1 billion myths out there on how to get rid of extra pounds that have been shared over decades and confuse the masses.

Some are swearing on ginger to…

Never feel bad again after a midnight snack

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Hunger attacks late at night or also throughout the day can be devastating.

They occur when we at least expect them. Often at night.

And they cost us our good shape because if we give in to the craving, it’s mostly a ridiculous amount of calories that we import.

Over the years, I’ve found specific hacks that help me prevent cravings and not feel the urge to eat or at least have damage control.

They’ve also helped me delete the need for snacking at night…

If applied, these tips will increase the quality of your stay

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With steady progress in vaccination and smaller numbers of infections worldwide, the COVID restrictions are — at least for the moment — a thing of the past, and countries are welcoming tourists and travelers again.

For the past ten days, I’ve been to Italy and enjoyed a beautiful trip through Rome, Naples, and Sorrento together with my girlfriend.

It was apparent that I didn’t want to miss out on a single workout while being there and doing nothing for over a week.

I’m currently preparing to attend a Men’s Physique contest, which is why I can’t afford to skip even…

This is what finally fuels your bulk

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Fitness stands and falls with the right mindset and knowledge.

I didn’t understand for a long time what that means and continued doing lots of things wrong while believing I was on the right path.

Many people are in a similar situation of not getting results or staying at a plateau, not knowing what they need to change.

Unfortunately, most people give up too soon when they’re at this point and never touch a dumbbell again in their life. That’s sad.

Everything changes by realizing this…

It’s relatable to money management.

I like the…

And it’s much simpler than you think

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During the last 30 years, the fitness and health culture had different and changing understandings of what’s perceived as healthy and bad food.

How to lose weight mainly was the focus of the discussion.

Some of the theories they came up with were science-based, but a lot was pure non-sense.

First, it was about fats in the ’90s and 2000s. Then later about carbohydrates.

The truth about neglecting fats

Fats were considered the purest evil, and it led many people to believe they needed to cut them out of their diet as much as possible to stay lean:

  • no oils,
  • no cheese,
  • no avocados,
  • no…

If applied, these will help you achieve visible progress soon

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The restrictions of the pandemic have led many people to laziness, and many do not know how they can get back into their old routine.

How can you be mad at them? — All gyms and places where one could basically do sports were closed from one day to another. In some countries, for over a year.

Now that the vaccine makes visible progress and most countries have lowered their restrictions, it’s possible to enter a gym again safely.

It can be challenging for many people to get back into a fitness routine when they have a job, a family…

A short guide to leaving nonsense behind and get results

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The pandemic was the most disruptive incident that could’ve happened to the fitness industry.

Live-workouts were trendy from day one.

Every second fitness center offered them. And it was an excellent thing for them to make alternative offers and continue their cash flow in this dark time.

They motivated people to not fall into helplessness and offered an opportunity for people to at least keep themselves fit at home if nothing else was possible.

Yet, the longer the coronavirus was present, the more quantity came on the market.

While home-workouts and live broadcasting of group training are a very laudable…

If applied, they can change how you live sustainably.

Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash

Napoleon Hill is considered the forefather of the modern personal development movement and wrote several books on motivation and finances.

He’s best known for his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.” He became closely connected to the richest and wealthiest individuals of his time throughout his lifespan and interviewed them on their success.

When you read one of his books, you genuinely feel that Hill’s life mission was to educate people on becoming financially independent. Considering that he lived during the great recession of the 1930s and built a fortune at that time is remarkable.

Below are some of his…

Some bodybuilders happen to be cursed

Photo by Milan Csizmadia on Unsplash

Clint looked into the mirror and saw an absolute beast as he was finally in the last two weeks of his prep for his big competition on the stage of Mr. Universe, where famous persons like Arnold Schwarzenegger stood decades before.

Flexing with his arms in the mirror, he realized that it was about time to go to his second living room: The fitness club.

Today will be a good day; he will be the king in the gym. The recent weeks were a little challenging. …

Thomas Hahn

Nutrition Coach & Student writing about Dieting, Health, Fitness and Clothing; Living in Vienna 🇦🇹 I My IG: @tommystransformation

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