Why We Should Have More Conversations About Genetics In Muscle Building

This topic needs more attention in the global fitness society

Thomas J. Hahn
7 min readAug 4


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Genetics play a crucial role in fitness and bodybuilding.

If you've loved basketball, for example, since you were a kid but only grew to 1,70m in height later, you won't land in the NBA. Everybody accepts that to be given and no one questions it.

It plays a massive role if we want to build muscles and lose fat, yet somehow in fitness training, nobody wants to accept that genetics can be limiting similarly.

They all want to look like their heroes and heroines but never think that maybe they could not look like them even if they tried.

Genetics can be a bitch or blessing in fitness and are often not taken into account.

If more people knew that this underrated factor is highly influential on how we build our bodies, how fast we can gain muscle tissue, and how quickly we lose body fat, we might not live in such a toxic world in terms of comparison to others.

Regular people would not ask themselves: “Why can’t I look like CBum?”

Taking out the fact that from head to toe, he’s full of steroids, which everyone finds obvious and accepts, the majority of people couldn’t look like him even if they were on performance-enhancing drugs.

Because he’s got incredible genetics, which allows him to look like he does, on steroids.

People would realize more about where their "limits" lie and not let themselves be intoxicated by how social media or other influences brainwash us 24/7.

With limits, I don't mean you can't build muscles anymore once you reach a certain level.

I’m simply saying your body has its unique way of building muscles, and it's not comparable to someone else's way.

Dumb people sometimes say things like: "Yeah, if I were on 'roids, I could look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime."

No, you can't. Period!

Steroids in bodybuilding are just an add-on; they'll never replace genetics, hard work in…



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